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Spring Core Seminars

Spring Core Seminars

Every Sunday, from 03/05/2017 to 05/28/2017, 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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Join us for one of our Spring Core Seminars on Sunday mornings beginning March 5th. Each of these seminars will run for 13 weeks (March to May 2017).


Christians in the Workplace: What is work? How am I to work as a Christian? We spend the majority of our waking hours working. And we face all sorts of difficult situations when doing so. Whether examining work relationships, ethical problems, or evangelistic efforts, this 13 week core seminar will address a biblical understanding of work and detail how Christians might serve the Lord faithfully in the workplace.

How to Study the Bible: Have you ever wondered how to really read the Bible? Should we read Luke the same way we read Leviticus? This 13 week core seminar establishes principles for studying and accurately understanding Scripture so that we might take God at His Word.

Living as a Church: This 13 week core seminar will explore what it means to be a member of a church. What should the church do? What are the responsibilities and privileges of church membership? How can we go about caring for one another as members of one body in Christ? These questions and more will be answered in this core seminar.