Counsel from Spurgeon on Christmas

My friend Tony Reinke has written an excellent blogpost about Charles Spurgeon’s counsel for his church members during the Christmas season in his sermon entitled “Going Home“. As Tony explains, Spurgeon’s “the aim of the message was to encourage each member of his congregation to humbly, wisely, and appropriately find opportunities to share their personal testimony with family and friends.” His sermon, based on the demoniac in Mark 5 going home after being converted, provides helpful practical instruction, including:

* Christmas is suited for sharing the gospel with family and friends.
* Aim to share the story of God’s grace in your life.
* By sharing we edify believers.
* By sharing we reach lost friends and family.
* Be alert for one-on-one opportunities to share your story.
* Don’t expect this sharing to be easy.
* Overcome this fear by sharing to honor your Savior.
* Share your story with gratitude to God.
* Share your story with humility.
* Share your story truthfully—don’t embellish it.
* Tell your story seriously—don’t share it flippantly.
* Don’t neglect your personal devotions during Christmas.
* Rest upon the Holy Spirit’s help to share.
* Remember that this story you share over the holidays is the story that will be on your lips eternally.

Take a look at Spurgeon’s sermon itself and the excerpts provided in Tony’s blogpost.