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Theology and Worship

07.04.17 | Worship | by Tom Ascol

    Theology is to worship what nutrition is to health. You do not have to be a nutritionist to enjoy good health but you do have to have good nutrition. Similarly, you do not have to be a trained theologian in order to worship properly, but you do...

    Why Stay in the SBC?

    05.23.17 | Church | by Tom Ascol

      “Why should we stay in the SBC?” I’ve had that question put to me from pastors, elders, deacons, and whole congregations over the last 30 years. The questioners are always serious about the gospel and biblical church order and...

      30 Years of Grace at Grace

      06.15.16 | Grace Baptist Church | by Tom Ascol

        June 1, 1986 I preached my first sermon as pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral. My text, which has served countless “first sermons,” was 1 Corinthians 2:1-5. My ambition, while commendable, far surpassed my abilities...

        Happy 1st Anniversary, Pastor Jared!

        01.25.16 | Grace Baptist Church | by Tom Ascol

          One year ago today Jared Longshore began serving as Associate Pastor of Grace Baptist Church. He and Heather, together with their 4 precious children, have been a great gift to us. Jared jumped into the work at full speed. The last year has been...

          Arm Yourself with God's Word

          12.07.15 | Word of God | by Tom Ascol

            Become mighty in God’s Word. Arm yourselves with God's Word! Listen to what J. C. Ryle wrote in a tract over century ago on the importance of Scripture in the life of a Christian: You live in a world where your soul is in constant danger...