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Spurgeon on Why We Must Continually Preach the Gospel

11.17.15 | Preaching | by Tom Ascol

Spurgeon on Why We Must Continually Preach the Gospel

    In his 1877 Inaugural Address to his Pastor’s College entitled, “The Evils of the Present Age, and How to Meet Them,” Charles Spurgeon admonishes his students to preach the gospel as the only true cure for societal evils such as of superstition, unbelief, isolation and drunkenness. Too often, by focusing on such evils ministers of the gospel are tempted to forget (if they ever knew) that it is the gospel and the gospel alone that can change the world for better. Spurgeon knew this well and was fanatical about teaching his students to think likewise. After asking how various evils that were prevalent in 19th century England were to be addressed, he answered,

    I have only one remedy to prescribe, and that is that we do preach the gospel of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, in all its length and breadth of doctrine, precept, spirit, example, and power. To give but one remedy for many diseases of the body is the part of an empiric, but it is not so in the affairs of the soul, for the gospel is so divinely compounded as to meet all the evils of humanity, however they may differ from one another. We have only to preach the living gospel, and the whole of it, to meet the whole of the evils of the times.

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