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Toward True Community

01.12.16 | by Jared Longshore

    I fear the current consensus on friendship, community, belonging, or relational satisfaction is quite skewed. This skewed understanding too often results in a premature departure from one community to another in order to seek out a sense of...

    The Sands of Time Are Sinking

    12.29.15 | Music and Worship | by Ken Puls

      The sands of time are sinking,The dawn of heaven breaks,The summer morn I've sighed for,The fair, sweet morn awakes:Dark, dark hath been the midnight,But dayspring is at hand,And glory—glory dwellethIn Immanuel's...

      Arm Yourself with God's Word

      12.07.15 | Word of God | by Tom Ascol

        Become mighty in God’s Word. Arm yourselves with God's Word! Listen to what J. C. Ryle wrote in a tract over century ago on the importance of Scripture in the life of a Christian: You live in a world where your soul is in constant danger...

        Got Faith

        11.27.15 | by Jared Longshore

          Everybody has some kind of faith these days. We often hear about having faith in ourselves or having faith that things will get better. But do we have the right kind of faith? Christian faith is much more specific than the faith we regularly hear...

          A Prayer for Pilgrims

          11.25.15 | Pilgrim's Progress | by Ken Puls

            A Prayer for Pilgrims Lord, we pray for those now burdenedNeath the weight and guilt of sin,Those who read Your Word and trembleAs conviction grows within.Father, help us point to Jesus,Those who flee the coming wrath,That they find the gate and...