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Participating in Gathered Worship

11.16.15 | Worship | by Ken Puls

    Earlier this year I began this series of posts on Gathered Worship in the House of God, examining the role and responsibilities of the congregation in corporate worship. Part 1 of the series focused on how to prepare for times of worship. We now...

    A Prayer for Pastors

    11.14.15 | On Pastoral Ministry | by Tom Ascol

      For over 25 years our family has made it a practice to pray for pastors, missionaries and other gospel workers on Saturday night. We stop and think about the fact that on Sundays, more than any other day of the week, the Word of God is being...

      To Assume the Gospel Is to Lose It

      11.10.15 | Preaching | by Tom Ascol

        For well over a decade I have expressed concerns that many conservative, Bible believing churches have in important ways lost the gospel. This concern has been met with varying degrees of incredulity by certain sectors of the evangelical world...

        Music at Grace

        07.29.15 | Music and Worship | by Ken Puls

          Often I am asked about the music we sing at Grace Baptist Church. Are the lyrics available? Where can I find a recording? How can I get the sheet music? The music we sing at Grace comes from many songwriters and composers, embracing new...