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Our History

Grace was planted in 1983 by a group of people who wanted to see a church in the north part of Cape Coral. Though many of those who were involved in this effort had sincere desires, the church was not initially founded on healthy, biblical teaching. Consequently, there were lots of difficult struggles in the early years until the church began to understand biblical doctrine. Through a careful study of Scripture and insights gained from history, we began to see more and more clearly the greatness and glory of God.

In 1988 we adopted two old Baptist confessions. We did this for two reasons. First, they are good summaries of what we understand the Bible to teach. Both the Second London Baptist Confession of 1689 and the New Hampshire Statement of Faith of 1853 recognize the supremacy of God in creation, redemption and history. What they say about the Bible is what we also say. The second reason we adopted these old statements rather than writing something new is that we want to show our solidarity with those who have gone before us in the journey of faith that we are now pursuing. Though our faith is contemporary, the Bible is not new and our doctrine is not new. We are glad to say that what our forefathers believed centuries ago is what we still believe today. God has not changed. People have not changed. And what it means to be a Christian has not changed.

Through the years we have sent several members to live in hard places around the world to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Through these efforts we have had a part in planting churches on three continents in addition to our church planting efforts in North America. We gladly link arms with other churches locally and around the country to encourage a recovery of the biblical Gospel and intentionally cross cultural, ethnic, language and racial barriers in order to live together under the Lordship of Christ.

The fall of 2011 brought changes for the Grace family as we sold our original church building and bought the facilities of the former Mid-Cape Racquet and Health Club. We temporarily relocated to a strip mall across Pine Island road while the racquet club was retrofitted to accomodate our needs. God worked in amazing ways to allow us to move into the new facility and meet for our first worship gathering on Easter Sunday, April 8, 2012.

By God's grace we will continue to grow and expand our efforts to show people near and far something of the greatness and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our faith is firm, our hope is secure and our confidence is not in ourselves, but in the crucified, risen Savior who gave Himself to rescue us from our sin.