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Discipleship is vital to our Christian growth as well as our life together as the body of Christ. So we strive to create a culture of discipling in our church. One way to accomplish this is a discipleship group.

A discipleship group consists of 3 or 4 church members who gather to read through a book on the Christian life, or read through a book of the Bible. This is a simple and informal time to meet together as brothers and sisters and encourage one another with God’s truth. Discipleship groups are gender specific—brothers with brothers, and sisters with sisters. A discipleship group meets weekly or every other week for a set number of times (approximately 7 to 10). During these gatherings, the group will discuss what has been read that week and seek to apply God’s truth to their lives. Towards the end of the group, the members can decide if they would like to start up again to read through another book, or multiply by having one or two members go on to start another group.

If you are not currently in a discipleship relationship here at Grace, or if you are new and looking for a way get more involved, then we encourage you to join a discipleship group. If you would like to start a discipleship group, you can begin by reaching out to two or three others in the church. Ask them if they are willing to meet with you and read through a book from the discipleship bookstall. If you do not know who to reach out to, or are having trouble finding others to meet with, please contact us and a staff pastor will be in contact with you to assist in getting you connected.

The discipleship bookshelf is located in our resource center. There you will find a number of books that have been hand-selected by the elders for the purpose of these groups.
If you decide to read through a book of the Bible, we encourage you to pick up a list of application questions to use in your group. They can be found at the discipleship bookstall.

How do I get started?

  • Reach out to two or three others in the church and ask them to start a discipleship group.
  • Schedule your meetings (weekly or every other week) so that it fits with everyone’s calendars.
  • Purchase a book from the Discipleship bookstall in the Resource Center.
  • Read, pray, talk, grow in grace.