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A Place of Safety

A Place of Safety

Sep 09, 2015

Passage: Psalms 12:1-8

Preacher: Ken Puls

Series: Studies in the Psalms

Category: Wednesday Night

Keywords: overwhelmed, perplexed, prayer, psalm, safety, word


Have you ever been so overwhelmed with what is going on around you that you just wanted to escape—you just wanted it all to go away? Have you ever been so exasperated or confused or bewildered that just didn't know what to do next or where to go or how to respond? Maybe it was listening to news and hearing all the crazy things going on in the world. Maybe it was closer to home—struggles on the job, in the home, or in your own heart.

Open your Bibles this evening to Psalm 12.

Here David both teaches us how to bring our struggles to God and shows us where to go and what to do when we are beaten down and confounded by life.

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