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Boasting in the Cross of Christ

Boasting in the Cross of Christ

Oct 09, 2016

Passage: Galatians 6:1-18

Preacher: Jared Longshore

Series: Galatians - Trusting the Gospel of God Alone

Category: Sunday Morning

Keywords: blessing, cross, gospel, obedience, sacrifice


Pastor Jared Longshore finishes his series on the book of Galatians with a message centered on Chapter 6 entitled “Boasting in the Cross of Christ.” Paul teaches leading a Christ-centered life of obedience comes by focusing not on the futility of working hard to stay within the strictures of the law but rather trusting in Christ.

Paul’s instruction in the chapter’s early verses seems centered on planting and reaping; planting the seed of boasting in the cross results in harvesting the crop of obedience and the crop of blessing. Paul mentions two types of boasting, verses 11 through 15 talk of boasting both in the works of the flesh and boasting only in the cross of Christ. Those boasting in the flesh want to be esteemed by others, need the praise of men and want to avoid persecution. Those boasting in Christ seek the praise of Christ recognizing it is only through the cross that their sins have been forgiven. Sin has no more dominion and, though persecution and suffering may follow, the Christian has their relationship with God enabling them to joyfully go on. Concentrating on the love Christ has for His people gives encouragement.

Having planted the seed harvest time soon arrives. Paul, having taught throughout this letter that obedience was not the way to God, now puts obedience in its proper place. Obedience is important but it follows faith; it is the fruit of the crop of the seed planted by boasting in Christ. Rather than obedience making one right with God, obedience, for example in the eight instructions Paul gives (vv. 1-10), flows naturally from faith. But joyful obedience is not the only crop harvested. Blessings of peace and mercy are also given to those boasting in Christ. Peace is found only in the cross of Christ; it is only by the blood shed on that cross that peace has been made between God and those trusting in Christ. When, and only when, sinners repent of their sin and turn to Christ alone in faith can peace be had. Similarly, the withholding of the judgement we so richly deserve as a result of our sin is, by mercy, avoided. This avoidance is again due to the work on the cross where Jesus suffered for our judgment having taken that judgment upon Himself.

Paul closes out his letter to the Galatians with this encouragement. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ boast not in themselves but in the Cross of Christ and receive both the desire to obey and the blessings God desires to give those who are His own. Come to Him today in repentance and faith so that you may enter in a relationship with the Master of all creation and receive peace and mercy from Him.