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God's Holiness in Worship

Jan 21, 2007

Passage: Leviticus 10:1-11

Preacher: Ken Puls

Series: Thoughts on Worship

Category: Sunday Evening

Keywords: worship, holiness


Open your Bibles to Leviticus chapter 10. This morning I want to look in the book of Leviticus and consider one of the accounts recorded by Moses as it relates to worship. This is the account of two of Aaron's sons as they came into the tabernacle and offered strange fire before the LORD. It takes place soon after Aaron and his sons are consecrated at the beginning of the priestly ministry of the Old Testament.

For those of you who are taking notes, we will consider first the event, in 5 brief points:

1) The Offense (10:1)
2) God's Judgment (10:2)
3) God's Purpose (10:3)
4) The Aftermath (10:4-5)
5) Warnings and Admonitions (10:6-7)

Then I will conclude with 3 not-so brief applications.

Sermon Notes are available online and in PDF format for download.