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God's Indescribable Love

God's Indescribable Love

Jan 01, 2017

Passage: John 3:16

Preacher: Conrad Mbewe

Category: Sunday Morning

Keywords: eternal, gift, life, love, new year, salvation


Conrad Mbewe, pastor of Kabwata Baptist Church, Zambia, Africa, opens God word at John 3:16 with a message entitled “God’s Indescribable Love.” This love is at the root of our greatest need for our seeking peace, joy, acceptance. We need His love. In fact, God’s love ensures for believers all things will be well.

Today at the year’s beginning, it can be helpful to start afresh. Many negative happenings in our past and background are remembered as we commence a new year. When we say “not again” to these things we implicitly recognize our need for the One who can control.

John 3:16, perhaps the most famous Bible verse, oftentimes used to promote evangelism, mission, or to teach God’s care, has something new to offer, something new to learn anew. As we look to this verse we need to see the context. Jesus has been talking about eternal life to Nicodemus, a spiritual leader in Israel. In effect, the Lord has said “Nicodemus, you are still a candidate for hell unless God opens your eyes, your eyes are blind, but God’s love is infinitely greater than you Nicodemus can ever conceptualize, it is wildly beyond even your greatest imaginings.” Jesus was trying to broaden the perspective of Nicodemus; this is the context in which we read John 3:16. Nicodemus probably could not understand Jesus was not limiting Himself, in using the word “world,” to Israel. This is particularly so given Israel’s view of the world’s idolatry since time immemorial. Yet God’s love for all His creation is greater than Nicodemus can imagine.

Still, even as Jesus spoke He had to have had His own coming sacrificial death in mind. Though Moses, in a prophetic action, lifted the serpent so believing Israel could be saved from a plague, so the Lord knew He too must be lifted up, this time on a cross for those who would come to him from the nations, tribes, peoples, languages. It would be such a sacrifice whereby God would be satisfied. Having accepted the sacrifice, and having drawn and accepted those who received salvation through that sacrifice, God will continue with them throughout the year. He will persevere with all of us, individually and corporately. What He has started He in no wise will not complete. Despite trial or tribulation, having received God’s love because of Jesus’ sacrificial work, we can rely on the continuance of God’s love, oversight, and care.

God will not require two payments for sins, Christ’s and yours. Christ’s work was and is sufficient alone. God is offering you a full and free salvation! Anyone may come as our verse says. By entering a new relationship with God through Christ’s completed work on the Cross we benefit from an eternal transformation. All this worrying about what tomorrow may bring is scandalous. We need to trust Christ; He does love us, He loves you! Come to Christ, come to Christ!