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Renewing the Mind in Worship

Feb 08, 2009

Passage: Romans 12:2

Preacher: Ken Puls

Series: Thoughts on Worship

Category: Sunday Evening

Keywords: worship, mind, thoughts


Tonight we are returning to our study "Thoughts on Worship." Our focus in this message will be on worship and the mind. We are in constant need of reformation in our thinking. Worship is a wonderful means that God uses to sanctify us and keep us pointed to Christ. As we have just sung—we need God's Word to change us, to transform us, to renew us.

Specifically, I want to address two questions:

1. Why be concerned with the mind in worship?
2. What takes place in the mind in worship?

I will then conclude with some practical ways we can pursue God in worship with the mind.

Sermon Notes are available online and in PDF format for download.