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The Outward Elements of Worship

Mar 04, 2007

Preacher: Ken Puls

Series: Thoughts on Worship

Category: Sunday Evening

Keywords: worship, regulative principle, prayer, preaching, singing


A look at the Regulative Principle and the Outward Elements of Worship


Call to Worship — Psalm 95

Earlier this year we looked together at an incident recorded in the first 11 verses of Leviticus 10. In this account two of Aaron's sons came to the tabernacle and offered strange fire before the LORD. That is, they brought something before God that was foreign to worship.

They had their own ideas about how God should be worshipped—ways of worship that God had not revealed or commanded. When they brought their strange fire, God's judgment was swift and severe. They both immediately died in His presence.

God was teaching His people a hard lesson: He is holy and those who serve Him must regard Him as holy and teach others to regard Him as holy. Unlike God, we are sinful and unholy. And we cannot approach God in our unholiness—by our own sinful ways and methods. No matter how sincere our efforts, no matter how brilliant or creative our plans, they will never measure up to God's holiness. The only way we can come to God and enter into His presence is by a way that He Himself must provide—that is the way of salvation by faith alone in Christ alone.

God is holy and He alone determines how His people are to approach Him and worship Him.


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