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The Way to Get Right with God

The Way to Get Right with God

Aug 14, 2016

Passage: Galatians 3:1-14

Preacher: Jared Longshore

Series: Galatians - Trusting the Gospel of God Alone

Category: Sunday Morning

Keywords: cross, gospel, justification, salvation, spirit


Pastor Jared Longshore continues his series on Galatians with a message entitled “The Way to Get Right with God” based on Galatians 3:1–14. This message provides the basis for three truths: we are all soon to die and meet our Maker; there is confusion in the world about how to prepare for that meeting, but; God clearly tells us how to prepare.

Today’s passage tells us three reasons for the truth of the statement “The way to get right with God is by believing the gospel. The first reason is that God supplies the Holy Spirit to those who believe the gospel. Humans do not naturally possess the Spirit. Only by being born again do we have possession (John 3:3, 6), and that is supplied by God (v. 5 in today’s passage). The Spirit is received not by doing good, although that follows from having the Spirit, but, as v. 2 points out, it is received by faith. It prepares us for the inevitability of our death.

The second reason for the truth of the statement is that God has promised to justify those who believe the gospel. As was seen in the first reason, possession of the Spirit requires faith and God has promised to justify those who are of faith. Genesis 22:15 and Hebrews 6:13 give examples of God’s promise. Verses 8 and 9 in today’s passage show the application to the Galatians, and to us. Rightness, righteousness, before God does not come by obedience as the Judaizers would have the Galatians believe. Rather, and particularly as we are innately unable to live in obedience, rightness before God comes by believing just as Abraham believed and was counted as righteous (v. 6). The righteousness obtainable through faith prepares us for our post-death meeting with the Judge of the universe. Believing in God and his plan of salvation leads directly to the third reason for the statement’s truth.

Jesus has died for those who believe the gospel. We are all born under the curse of sin and we all sin. Verse 10 is plain, relying on works rather than faith is hopeless. Verse 11, on the other hand, points to a life lived in faith. The curse can only be removed by Christ. Suffering the curse places a person under the wrath of God. Yet verse 13 holds hope, “Christ redeemed us (those living in faith) from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us.” We can be blessed (v. 14) because God has seen fit, through the death of Jesus Christ, to consider Jesus’ righteousness our own. But, this righteousness is attainable only through faith in that sacrifice on the Cross. God has indeed made plain how to prepare for eternity. For the non-believer Jesus calls; come to Him. For the believer consider what Jesus has done for you, stand in awe of His work, and continue walking in faith.