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The Works of God

The Works of God

Aug 28, 2016

Preacher: Jared Longshore

Series: Knowing God

Category: Sunday Evening

Keywords: attributes, glory, god, works


Pastor Jared Longshore closes the summer evening series on "Knowing God" by looking at Psalm 111 in God’s work with a message entitled “Great Are the Lord’s Work.” One of humankind’s main problems is the propensity to not think correctly. We ignore instruction, we do not remember God’s works on our behalves. If we thought and acted properly everything in our lives could change. Furthermore, this Psalm, not alone in the Bible, shows God’s works are so great that His followers should be inspired to live Godward lives.

The fact that in the Hebrew this psalm is an acrostic, each verse beginning with successive letters of the Hebrew alphabet, implies the psalmist’s continual thoughts of and reliance on God. Similarly, for believers on this side of the work on the Cross of Calvary, thoughts should center on Christ’s mighty sacrificial work. That work is worthy of study and meditation. God’s greatest work, the reconciliation of men to Himself should be the center of our lives.

Each verse in the psalm seems to concentrate on different aspects of God’s working in the world. They are great, full of majesty and splendor. God causes these works to be remembered, showing the power of the works to His people in particular. His works meet needs, are completely trustworthy and much more.

The nature of God’s works ought to cause activity on the part of the saints. These activities include, for example, giving thanks and delighting in the works as we study to understand them especially as they reveal more about God Himself.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom (v. 10). As we learn more about God we increase the awe in which we hold our Creator and Savior. That awe, in turn, leads to the exercise of wisdom that should characterize a child of God. The healthy exercise of wisdom is also an indicator that the wrong thinking mentioned above has been correct. The believer now thinks rightly, giving praise to the One who endures forever (v. 10).