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You Are God's People

You Are God's People

Jun 14, 2015

Passage: 2 Peter 2:4-12

Preacher: Jared Longshore

Category: Sunday Evening

Keywords: church, cornerstone, holiness, living stones, priesthood


Pastor Jared Longshore opens God’s Word to 1 Peter 2:4-12. Here he finds proof for Christians that “You Are God’s People.” Not only are believers God’s people but the passage helps them understand the peculiarities of who and what they are. This knowledge should cause Christians, recognizing both their blessings and obligations, to live and love differently.

Peter points to a clear dichotomy in his discussion of the stone (v. 2). For believers the Stone provides a foundation while for unbelievers it becomes a stumbling block. That distinct difference should lead to three distinct differences in the lives of believers. First God’s people have a distinct nature. They have been chosen by God and given a new nature, they have been made into a royal priesthood and a holy nation. God, having made them for His own possession, has shown great mercy. They have been made into a spiritual family.

Second, God’s people have a distinct purpose. The distinct new nature should result in a desire to proclaim the excellencies of Him who called them from darkness. Believers, having been set apart, ought to seek the same benefits for all those with whom they have contact. After all, everyone once walked in darkness before God brought them into the light of His family.

Finally, God’s people have a distinct charge. Christians are to rise above the passions of the flesh, exhibiting a new and distinct nature designed and given by God. Conduct among unbelievers must be honorable. Profession of Christ and the subsequent life lived for Him must be congruent, actions and words must be in harmony. A believer’s life should put God’s glory on display. The world should be able to clearly discern the difference between believers and non-believers so that when Christians are spoken against their good deeds will be obvious and glorify God.

Four points of application appear. The first clearly points to God’s plan. He sovereignly chose Christians. The way they live before men should both attract men, and give glory, to God. Second, Christians ought to keep the fact they belong to God before them when making decisions and act in a world system aligned against God. Decisions and functioning should, once again, glorify their Master. Third, believers need to acknowledge and be on guard against the desires of the flesh. Sin causes damage to believers and the perception of God by non-believers. Finally, there is cause to rejoice in knowing one belongs to God. Christian attitudes should reflect that joy.

Ultimately, only through Jesus Christ can one have this type relationship with God. It is a believer’s responsibility to lead a life glorifying Jesus and pointing people toward Him for their own eternal destiny.