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What Is the President's Job?

08.26.16 | Politics | by Jared Longshore

    In his Politics According to the Bible, Wayne Grudem distills what a key biblical text teaches about government: God has appointed the authorities who have governmental power (vv. 1-2). This idea is also supported by...

    30 Years of Grace at Grace

    06.15.16 | Grace Baptist Church | by Tom Ascol

      June 1, 1986 I preached my first sermon as pastor of the Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral. My text, which has served countless “first sermons,” was 1 Corinthians 2:1-5. My ambition, while commendable, far surpassed my abilities...

      No Greater Passion

      06.07.16 | Music and Worship | by Ken Puls

        On Sunday June 5, 2016 Grace Baptist Church in Cape Coral, Florida celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Dr. Tom Ascol serving as pastor. I have had the privilege of serving with Tom and leading music at Grace since 2003. As part of the...