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Have We Done All That We Can?

05.24.16 | Evangelism | by Jared Longshore

    I find that I need continual reminders of the dreadful reality the lost will face in eternity. Jesus came to seek them. He left heaven to win them to salvation. I was blessed by these words from Spurgeon that my dear fellow pastor came and shared...

    Seasoning the Heart for Prayer

    03.22.16 | Prayer | by Ken Puls

      Prayer is an ever-accessible privilege and duty. We can always come before God in any place and in any circumstance. God has invited us to His “throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need” and we...

      Great Shepherd of Your People Hear

      02.24.16 | Prayer | by Ken Puls

        How encouraging it is to hear the people of God gathered together for prayer! I’ve enjoyed many opportunities to come to the throne of grace with brothers and sisters in Christ in my local church. We grow stronger as a church when we gather...

        Portrait of a Gospel Minister

        02.08.16 | Pilgrim's Progress | by Ken Puls

          How would you describe a true Minister of the Gospel? John Bunyan offers some insights in his book The Pilgrim's Progress. Christian, who is on a journey from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City, arrives at the House of the Interpreter...